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multicore wire export market

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What is the difference between single core and multicore wire?multicore wire export on sale

The multicore wire export market is always hot and thriving, and in this regard it has been able to make a high profit.The purchase price of different types of nuclear power cords is determined according to their production costs in the manufacturing plants. Construction cables are one of the most important and practical products in completing and equipping buildings. These products are produced by different Iranian and foreign factories in different countries. Due to the fact that different brands are produced, they have different quality and selling prices. The types of wires produced have their own applications and in different parts of a building, different samples are used to have the most efficiency.

multicore wire export market

What is the difference between single core and multicore wire?

What is the difference between single core and multicore wire? Insulation resistance of wires and cables, except for power cables that are on electrical poles, almost all wires and cables used today are isolated. The level or degree of insulation resistance of a cable depends on the purpose for which the cable is designed. Has. Aside from saving energy from being lost or scattered in the environment, one of the main reasons cables are insulated is to save us from the risk of electric shock. Electricity is very dangerous. The first call can be the last and will not give you even a small chance. A superficial contact with a cable carrying electrical current can cause a fatal accident. Our body conducts electricity in small quantities. When our body comes in contact with a current-carrying conductor, current flows from the conductor to our body. Our body becomes a partial conductor and will not be able to output electricity. When the current is high, our body can be affected and it is questionable whether a person is killed or not. To avoid such accidents in homes, it is necessary to insulate cables. Isolation prevents current leakage towards us and as a result protects us from electric shock. An insulator is a material or body that does not pass temperature or electricity. They do not pass temperature and electricity because they do not have free electrons. Conductors are isolated when coated with these insulating materials such as pvc and so on. The name of this process is isolation. Increasing the temperature increases the resistance of wires and cables, while in semiconductors, such as insulators, increasing the temperature reduces the resistance.

The conductive cable is provided with a suitable thickness insulation to prevent current leakage. The thickness of each cable depends on the purpose of its design. The current leakage path in such a cable is circular. The proposed resistance for isolation is also rotational throughout its length. For a single-core conductor cable with radius r1, sheath radius r2, length l, and specific resistance of the insulating material p, the conductive medium will be 2πrl. The thickness of the insulation, which is dr, will be given. There are cables that have more than one insulator layer and one core. The main wire in the center acts as the main conductor. The other core serves the purpose of connecting to earth and does not allow electromagnetic waves and rays to jump through the cable and acts as a shield.

Cables in this category are coaxial cables. Coaxial cables conduct electrical signals using an internal conductor (internal or main conductor can be any good conductor, but copper is more preferred because its resistivity is low and copper can be coated) and in many pvcs. includes. Before the external pvc case, there are two or more insulators such as aluminum foil or copper filaments inside. The cables are protected from the outside environment by the outermost pvc case. While the voltage passes through the internal conductor, the shield or case has a zero or low voltage that it passes through. The advantage of coaxial design is that the electric and magnetic fields are limited to dielectric with little leakage out of the shield.multicore cables uses for construction and engineering industry.

multicore wire export on sale

multicore wire export on sale It is possible to sell multi-core wires at the factory price only from wire production factories that produce different types of wires and cables on different planets and sell them in the country’s market. Our country’s multi-core wire factories are known as a brand among all those who trade in the field of wires and cables. Multi-core wire company uses high purity copper metal to produce wires. In every multi-core wire factory, there are up-to-date and equipped devices with the benefit of long-term knowledge and experience that produce quality cables. Multi-core wire distribution in the country is done by Raya Kabul Company. If you are looking to buy multi-core wire at a wholesale price and in high tonnage, follow us. Online sales of multi-core wire are done by companies operating in this field. Over time, traditional sales methods have given way to new and online methods, and today most customers are interested in making their purchases online without spending much time and time. Our cable factory has taken this into account to enable customers to buy online. By doing this, our customers can access us from anywhere in the country. multicore cable price is not fixed and is determined by its quality and production rate.

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