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Three-wire power cord wholesalers

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What are the three wires in a power cord?Three-wire power cord dealers

This company is a manufacturer of the three-wire power cord and 3 wire plug . The cables of this company are produced as standard. At present, the company offers its production cables at a much lower price than the market price. That is why many manufacturers of electrical appliances supply their required cables from our company. You can also join our customers now.

Three-wire power cord wholesalers

What are the three wires in a power cord?

What are the three wires in a power cord? What does the colour code of electrical wires mean? What are the different colours of electric wires used for? What are the safety rules to respect electricity? Maison en Travaux gives you all the information you need to understand the colour of electrical wires. Before putting your fingers in the electrical wires, it is safer to take a look at the colour code. This will prevent you from bad handling. Green, yellow, red, brown, black, the colours of each cable correspond to specific functions. In this article, we will detail the colour code of the various electrical wires and the electrical standards that must be known for electrical work. The NF C 15-100 standard defines the colour codes for low current electrical installations for domestic use. Each colour thus defines the function of each electric wire so that all people wishing to work on an electrical installation know which cable corresponds to:

  • Phase
  • Neutral
  • Earth

The colours of electric wires and their roles have been in effect in their current forms since 1970. Prior to that date, other colour codes were in place. If you are in doubt despite the detail given below, do not hesitate to use a multimeter connected to an AC voltmeter to test the electrical wires.

Three-wire power cord dealers

Three-wire power cord dealers Kabul Shopping Center is a sales agent for standard welding cables in various sizes in the Kabul market. These cables are supplied with rubber refractory insulation. To buy quality cables, all you have to do is contact the sales team and register your order. Types of standard rubber cables in different cable sizes have different types and applications. One of these cables is powerful and flexible. Customers from all over the world can place an order to buy the best quality standard cable through the cable sales unit.

The Three-wire power is one of the most widely used cables that customers around the world are looking to buy these cables in the most appropriate market price. This centre is the largest reputable sales centre for wires and cables that can respond to major and minor customer requests. All customers and partners of wire and cable sellers around the world can buy the cables they need at wholesale prices through.

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Saba invite you for buy the best Types of wires and cables

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