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high voltage cable

High voltage cables are usually made of steel core and aluminum sheath. Aluminum is the fourth most conductive metal. But it is not used alone to produce high voltage cables. Aluminum is very flexible and can stretch a lot.

The core of these cables, as mentioned, is steel. Steel ranks tenth in terms of conductivity among metals. For this reason, it does not work well in transmitting current




Medium voltage cable

These cables are also used in public and industrial networks, indoor and outdoor installations, in the ground (fixed installation) or inside the canal.

Its armed type can withstand external physical and mechanical stresses.

Its lead type is stable in environments containing hydrocarbons, solvents and corrosives and is resistant to radial (field) water penetration.



copper wire

Copper wire uses copper conductors and insulating coatings to make electrical wires, and these coatings are usually made of PVC, and also a variety of copper lacquered wires are produced. These coatings must be able to have the highest level of safety.


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